Meticulous organization and coordination are what ultimately make a project successful.  Our project management services keep your projects running smoothly even in the complex and constantly changing day to day world of construction.



Before any project begins, it’s important to have a firm understanding of the timeline and sequence of work that is to take place.  Sound + Video Works PMs bring a long history of implementing high-profile, quick turnaround projects, and will provide the expertise and diligence that it takes to get the most complex projects completed on schedule. We will address any potential impacts to the schedule as they arise, to ensure that the job will get completed on time, no matter what.



On large projects, it can be a daunting task to make sure the materials and resources are where they are needed, when they are needed. Sound + Video Works PMs bring meticulous organization, effective communication, and a deep roster of third-party support to get the job done. Time is money, and we have the skills and foresight to make sure your installers aren’t wasting time waiting around for essential parts or equipment to arrive on site.


Site Management

Managing an installation crew on a large project requires effective leadership and constant communication. In order to maximize the efficiency of the installation effort, onsite PMs must adapt to changing site conditions and prioritize installation tasks accordingly. Decades of experience running AV projects gives Sound + Video Works the expertise needed to effectively manage installation crews. Our PMs adhere to best installation practices for the physical installation of devices, cable pull, and termination, to ensure that your sound and video systems are safe and functional for their entire operational lifetime.



Whether it’s drywall going up in a week, concrete floors being poured tomorrow, or ceiling inspections due yesterday, it is vital to have somebody on site who understands what is needed to support a complex sound and video system installation. Our PMs will protect the installer, general contractor, and end user from costly or time-consuming mistakes by monitoring and documenting construction progress, and communicating with other trades and stakeholders to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.



Constant and thorough documentation is the lifeblood of any large construction project. From initial RFIs to final sign-off, SVW PMs understand that record keeping is essential to complete any AV installation, to document the requirements of the job, communicate installation progress, and to protect all parties from scope gap and miscommunication.